Saturday, April 5, 2008

Persistence or Plowden Charles Jennet Weston

Several years ago when I began editing the letters of C.Irvine Walker, I came across the name, Plowden Charles Jennett Weston. Weston was one of the first Captains of the 10th South Carolina Infantry and caught my interest. As I researched the 10th and Walker, I discovered more about Weston and what a truely facinating individual he was. He was one of the most wealthy men in South Carolina, one of the largest slave owners in the South, a Scholar, and a man that opposed secession, although he would then support the Confederacy with everything he had, donating money, slaves, and cannon to aide South Carolina. Weston would never fight in a major battle though, never rise above the rank of captain, and die a very unsoldierly death. Weston went with his command when it was transfered from the its hometown, around Georgetown, SC, to Corinth, MS. There he would be engaged in a skirmish as Halleck probed the town's defences in May of 1862, after that his health steadily declined, he would be offered the position of Lieutenant Governor that fall in an attempt to get him to leave the field, he accepted and moved to Columbia. He would die there a little over a year later, in January of 1864. I have been searching for years for a picture of this man, I knew with his wealth that he had to have had one or a painting. Well this week my persistence paid off, I was contacted by one of his decendents, Judy Dias, who had a copy of what looks to be a very fine painting. I will write a more thorough posting about Weston in the near future.

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Patrick Lewis said...

Good to see a picture of old Plowden, I can finally put a face with the name. I can't help but think, though, that he is perfectly representative of the first generation of company officers. The local doctor, wealthy planter, or other leading citizen lasts a year or so until he falls ill, goes into politics, is found incompetent, loses the reorganization election, or occasionally -- occasionally -- gets killed in early action. Make way for the young bucks, Marse Weston.