Friday, April 25, 2008

Clothing makes the man...even for Little Newt or Little Newt Wants Everything.

To continue on Little Newt, he would make it through the campaign into Kentucky well, Davis writing on October 22nd, 1862, "We have had a great many ups and downs and suffered deprivations beyond all conception. Your brother Newt is well and has stood the march finely. He looks much better now than he did when we left Chattanooga." However a few days later on October 29th, "Little Newt wants everything. He had his knapsack stolen from up in Kentucky with everything he had except what was on his back. He has not even a Blanket to sleep on. Ira sent him a pair of shoes the other day." But it still manages to get worse, on November 2nd, Davis would report, "I have not seen your brother Newt since Friday evening...He is enjoying good health and looks well. He is nearly naked. He lost all his clothes some time ago, except what he had on his back. I managed to get a double blanket which I gave him. The blanket belongs to Hoodenpyle...Little Newt wants everything. You and Mother can have the clothes made and send them by Lieut. Henry. He has gone home after clothing for the Company."

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