Friday, May 27, 2011

Resaca Update

Last weekend was the annual reenactment of the Battle of Resaca and afterwork on Saturday made my way over to visit with some friends that were in attendence and happened to stumble upon a sign that announced that phase I of construction of the Battlefield Park would start next year. So here is a link to the Friends of Resaca Battlefield's website with a picture of the sign. Check it out and let me know what you think of the proposed site.


Mark said...

Hmm, I'm a civil war buff and didn't know much about this battle, thanks for the education:)

cstucky said...

Mr. White
Hoping you can help--in a long-past thread I came across your name and reference to a dog collar for Harvey, a bull terrier mascot from the Battle of Franklin. I'm wondering if you could provide further info or direct me to dog mascots from the Civil War. I'm writing a national Newspaper in Education series and would very much appreciate any help you can offer,
Chris Stuckenschneider

Andy Stahl said...

Mr. Lee, or anyone that might be able to help me,

I wondered if you, or anyone you might suggest, could help me learn all I can about Sam Watkin's life after the war. I'm seriously considering undertaking a project that is dependent on this information. Ultimately, this individual might be credited as the Historical Consultant on this, and I can discuss this with them more.

Thanks for your consideration, Andy Stahl
(you may "Google" my name for more about me)

Anonymous said...

Photograph signed Thom J. McKie done in Augusta, Ga. Post civil war appears to be a 10th SCV surgeon. "McKIE, THOMAS J., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War July 11, '63, to rank from April 17, '63, ordered to report to General Bragg. Jan. 13, '64, ordered to report to Major-General Hindman, Jan. 31, '64, 10th S. C." Would you like a scanned copy?

I. N. Ratesic

Lee White said...

Folks, Sorry for not responding when your wrote, but as noted the blog has been left unattended for some time. Chris, there are a couple of good titles on Mascots, contact me at and Ill give you more. Andy, I hope Im not too late in getting back to you either, my colleague, Pat Lewis is our Sam expert, you can also email me and Ill give you his personal email address. Finally to IN, if the offer is still there for the scan I would be interested.