Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Army of Tennessee Scholarship

Just curious, what would you say we need to see in the way of scholarship in the study of the Army of Tennessee and the Western Theatre?


Anonymous said...

Great question, Lee. The last few years have seen some fine Western theatre studies, but a multi-volume study of the Atlanta campaign is still needed.

Andy Papen

Anonymous said...

Amen the AoT has been left out like a step child too long.

timboabwe66 said...

A detailed, analytical study of the entire 1862 Kentucky Campaign (a Kentucky Campaign equivalent to Grabau's "NINETY-EIGHT DAYS" ABOUT THE vICKSBURG cAMPAIGN) detailing the entire campaign by both Kirby Smith and Braxton Bragg with a complete order of battle for all forces involved and coverage of all battles (Perryville, Richmond, Munfordsville, Cumberland Gap, etc.) with the appropriate maps would enhance Civil War scholarship as well as Army of Tennessee knowledge.