Monday, April 6, 2009

T'was the 6th of April about the break of day...

Just a quick note to mark the 147th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh. The first battle for the Army of Mississippi, soon to be known as the Army of Tennessee. It is interesting to note that in the last few years Shiloh has finally been given its share of printed attention, due in large part to fromer NPS staffer, Tim Smith. In a few weeks, the University of Southern Illinois Press will be releaseing the first in a series of essay books on the Western Campaigns, edited by Dr. Stephen Woodworth, it is fitting that the first volumne will be on Shiloh, and contain a contribution from Tim. Hopefully, all of this will lead to more works on the Western Theater in general.


Jubilo said...

Dear Gents.
Just returned from the 147th Living History. Quite a large number of spectators on Saturday. An African-American was in the C.S. Army but he was not Lewis' man servant! The Illinois Monument bas-relief needs a few musket barrels replaced.The Sun of Austerlitz was present and made it a beautiful weekend.
David Corbett

Patrick Lewis said...

Was this an NPS-sponsored LH?

Jubilo said...

Dear Sir,
I assume but do not confirm that it was NPS. They were present, narated, and coordinated it and had even imported Ranger Lewis from Stones River for reinforcements.
David Corbett