Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Army of Tennessee!

Though we're not quite to our anniversary here at the blog, our namesake and (usually) subject is turning 146 today. Disappointed from the lack of success in Kentucky (though loaded down with the produce of the Bluegrass), Braxton Bragg reorganized his forces on November 20, 1862. In the process, he designated the army, the Army of Tennessee.

So, here's to the army's founder, its longtime commander, and our favorite figure here at AoT: "Bully for Bragg!"


Lee White said...

You beat me to the punch.


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for May 6, 1861, when the Tennessee legislature passed an act for raising, organizing and equipping a provisional army of 55,000 volunteers for the
"defence of the state."

Patrick Lewis said...

Well, hadn't thought about it that way. But, of course, then wouldn't be technically constrained to talking about Tennessee troops? (though we do this a good deal as it is. I certainly do, anyhow)

I like the inclusivity of the Nov. 20 Army of Tennessee (and its opponents). It gives Lee leave to talk about South Carolinians, gives Chris opportunity to talk about Alabamians, and -- most importantly -- gives me a soapbox from which to preach Kentucky. ;-)