Saturday, July 5, 2008

General Appearances Part 3.

For the uniform and General buffs out there, here is another description that I have found. This time of General William "Blizzards" Loring, from The Memphis Daily Appeal, June 17th, 1863; "The rebel general was dressed in the most negligent style. He wore an old black slouch hat, a soiled linen coat, a pair of whitey brown corduroy pantaloons, very much the worse for wear, and an old pair of boots. His staff officers wore very neat uniforms, which looked new, and all the troops or as many as the quartermaster saw, wore new uniforms, and looked fresh and in good health." Interesting contrast between the General and his staff officers, and of this earlier photograph of him.


Mike said...

Fascinating stuff, check out my blog too!

Patrick Lewis said...

What in God's name is "whitey brown"? Lee, is that your nickname?

Michael C. Hardy said...

Lee - Remember, they wore their “Sunday Best” when they visited the photographer’s studio. Battlefield dress is another matter. When I was researching the 37th NCT at the battle of New Bern (March 1862), I was surprised to find one of the company officers (in writing home) describing how he had lost his uniform when the Confederates were forced to evacuate their camps. This officer wrote his wife that he went into battle wearing his old brown suit.