Saturday, May 17, 2008

Doctor, Doctor...(Not for a weak stomach)

A while back I posted some medical cases from the Confederate States Medical And Surgical Journal. Here are a few more presented by Chief Surgeon Caryle Terry, Hindman's Division;

Case 1.- Marion Carlisle, second lieutenant company "G," 19th South Carolina; gun shot wound; right knee-joint implicated, and femur comminuted; amputation middle third of thigh. Stump attacked with erysipelas about the fifth week, which caused much delay; finally recovered and was sent to General Hospital No.16.

Case 13.- W.T. Kirby, private 50th Alabama; amputation middle third thigh; condition bad; stump did not do well; muscular and cutaneous tissues contracting very much, leaving bone protruding, which was again amputated, after which patent did very well, and was sent to General Hospital, October 13th.

Case 34.- J. Bishop, corporal company "D," 22d Alabama; ball passed through both hips, and bulbous portion urethra; bled profusely on the field; right femur fractured near its neck; suffered great pain for fifteen days; urine poured through wound, and repeated hemorrhages, from which he died October 8.

Case 49. W.B. Brown, corporal company "F," 24th Alabama; ball passes through abdomen; passed fecal matter from both orifices for fifteen days; finally both healed, and feces passed naturally; no peritoneal symptoms; sent to rear, in safe condition, October 31.

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