Friday, March 7, 2008

V. K. Stevenson

Those who venture into the records of the C. S. Quartermaster bureau in the west quickly encounter the name V. K. Stevenson. I've just run across him in 1846. Seems he was active in promoting the creation of the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad and spent much of the middle and late 1840s promoting the connection of Middle Tennessee to the Atlantic south. I'll post some quotations from selected letters and addreses Stevenson made to railroad investors over the next few weeks.


Unknown said...

hi, I'm from Paris and Vernon King STEVENSON from Nashville was the grandfather of my grandfather, I'd like to know better about my family and specially about this man. If you have more information about him please le me know.
thanks a lot
Hortense KRUG from Paris, France

Unknown said...

You may wish to look at for information on Stevenson at the time of the Civil War.